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 Address:Shenzhen Longhua Town, in the loop on the 12th

    Current Position:Shenzhen Xu sail Adhesive Material - aboutus

Qin Xing, Shenzhen, a special anti-counterfeit Label Material Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in various research and development of special anti-counterfeit self-adhesive materials, and production companies. Company from its inception, has been the strong support of the same industry, the company developed rapidly, and now Longhua in Shenzhen and Zhongshan Xiaolan build factories 2.
    The company has an advanced computerized coating machine 4 sets. In the self-adhesive materials industry has a very strong strength. The majority of staff have been produced self-adhesive glue for many years the industry has done a masters, and specifically from the chemical industry to hire a good technical staff, to glue deployment, anti-counterfeiting technology application and development of new products have a good experience, so Our technical team is very tough. We pay attention to environmental issues, all applications are controlled chemicals within the provisions of existing products to SGS inspection. A sound management system, as far as possible to prevent the flow of non-performing goods clients. Our products easily shredded paper, on the Film, mute (fog) film material in domestic sales has been the top spear. Our slogan: stand united and strive to open up, integrity management, to maintain self-adhesive materials industry in the leading position in , welcome to our company visits and exchange of experience!

    Wholesale and retail across the nation: Easy shredding self-adhesive materials; interval of plastic self-adhesive materials; torn left characters (VOID) security self-adhesive materials; on the Film; mute (fog) film; high temperature (printable) Film; Gerasin Silver Dragon at the end of extinction; chameleon; conductive cloth (aluminum foil), and so self-adhesive materials, quantity limited to, delivery speed.
    My company produces model (x-1) Easy shredding the country’s most broken!
    Our product positioning: Special Anti-counterfeit sticker material!


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